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An exhibition of contemporary batik paintings by TUMADI PATRI
Exhibition: 23 April - 4 May 2014
11 a.m. to 6:30 p.m Venue: Muse House, 22 Marshall Road,
Singapore 424858
Tel: 97727852
  We tell stories from the beginning of our existence, communicating by gesturing, drawing, and dancing, long before language was formulated. In fact, every living being enjoys telling and listening to stories. We hear birds singing every morning. Molten wax bubbles rejoice in being scooped by batik tjanting for batik making. Every painting tells a story especially so with Tumadi's paintings which are rooted in Wayang Kulit tradition of story telling. IT'S STORY TIME!  
  DANCE OF KAYON (Bali), Batik, 2001, is a dance of joy on the birth of little Kayon (in Red). Kayon, a leaf shaped puppet presents each story in dance. While listening to the enchanting sounds of the gamelan in the background, I was overwhelmed by the mythological world of the Wayang Kulit and the result is the birth of this painting.

NIGHT STAGE Batik, 2000 The atmosphere on the dance stage, full of colourful lights and smokers of all descriptions appear in the mist of the night. There are people who are dancing, listening to music and drinking. Most of these people there are part-time waitresses earning extra income. These are the people who are enjoying transient happiness.

Muhammad Salihin, Art Writer, writes "As a poet and painter, Tumadi's dreamscape explores the mind and journey towards a destination. A destination towards a life, which every single soul is longing. He undeniably recognizes his sincere role as a poet, writer and also a painter. His journey of expression transports us to a mysterious milieu with occasional mystifying cast. His life experience develops into a metaphor that requires judgment, and not simply be ignored. By identifying his poetic verses, one will experience his hardship and truthfulness in the field of art. The lines in his poetry resolve into subtle but impactful messages that intertwine into a motivational spirit."

Born in 1959, Tumadi studied at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in 1986. He learned batik painting from well-established and famous batik artist, Sarkasi Said (Tzee). An active member of Angkatan Pelukis Aneka Daya (APAD), Tumadi has exhibited widely in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, the Netherland and the Middle East.

Abdul Rahman Rais, President, Angkatan Pelukis Aneka Daya (APAD) writes, "Tumadi's series of works on "Wayang Kulit" were regarded as both contemporary and traditional. He retains much of the Javanese cultural beauty with a touch of traditional craft. His dedication has made him recognizable as one of the emerging talents in the visual art scene. I believe that with such relentless pursuance and constant development, Tumadi may one day become a celebrity in his indelible contributions to the various art forms."

Teo Eng Seng, Cultural Medallion 1986, writes "Tumadi may not be a celebrity yet but that will depend on his followers. However, his work has reached the maturity expected of an established artist. Humble and quiet in nature, Tumadi deserves a higher profile and support. I rank him among the best contemporary batik artists."

DLR Gallery is pleased to collaborate with Muse House to organize and present this exciting exhibition, Story Time. As a centre of attraction, Tumadi has suspended his latest and major creation, Journey of Wayang Kulit up the ceiling of the gallery. Enjoy and experience the exhibition!