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by Yeo Hoe Koon
Exhibition: 10 to 17 July 2011,
11 a.m. to 7 p.m
It is doubly problematic to reflect on contemporary art in a society such as Singapore where the forces of modernity, pseudo-traditions and historicity assert their relentlessly conflicting pull. On the one hand, the knowledgeable among Singapore artists work in a so-called Post-Art Era, producing works of "art after the End of Art", charging their products with inflexible hubris and angst. Messengers like the American philosopher-turned-art-critic, Arther C. Danto, were not in a position to "part the water" when they proclaimed "the End of Art", merely strewing insurmountable "historicities" on the path forward. If you are oblivious of this, dream on (many do).
Experiential Recalls
by Teo Eng Seng
Exhibition: April 10-24, 2011
In 1979, Teo Eng Seng famously declared he had decided to abandon oil painting in order to seek a more Asian identity for his work. He turned to paper making and started to manipulate paper pulp. Ever since, the 1986 Cultural Medallion winner has become closely associated with his striking 'paperdyesculpts' which straddle the boundaries between painting and sculpture.