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Life Journeys
An exhibition of drawings by Teo Soh Lung and sculptures by Teo Eng Seng
Exhibition: October - November, 2009
It does not matter where we come from. What matters is what we want to do with life. There are no heroes, heroines, just what one wants to do for mankind wrote Eng Seng in a message to his sister, Soh Lung who was imprisoned at Whitley Road Centre. Indeed, there is no way of knowing for sure that life journeys would translate into unique experiences capable of effecting change. But staying still and doing nothing will ensure that nothing changes.
Large Paintings Reworked
by Teo Eng Seng
Exhibition: October - November, 2009
The excitement of completing a piece of artwork is like that of finishing a race. How long that satisfaction will last will depend on whether the work is able to sustain your interest or the race set new record. A work completed is a work well done. Its real challenge is whether the journey to completion is rich in experience and the end product provides lasting pleasure to the observer. It is not uncommon for artist to adjust or even rework in order to improve it.